A personal recount on the influence of a father

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A personal recount on the influence of a father

Video Transcript Transcript for Insults fly at ex-FBI agent's congressional hearing Well back here at home the personal insults and the shouting at a congressional hearing featuring the FBI agent Peter struck he's the agent of course who sent those. Anti trump messages to his former lover raising some concern about bias at the bureau both things quickly got heated during that marathon ten hour hearing.

There are some a Carling at this morning bipartisan beat down comparing Herring to have clown show ABC's Linda Lopez is joining us with the highlights Linda good morning.


Candace defiant Peter struck the FBI agent involved in both the Hillary Clinton email investigation and the early stages of Robert dollars from Russia investigation. Trying to fend off republicans' accusations that he allowed his political bias to answer into the investigations he was a part in fiery exchanges.

But sometimes became deeply personal. This just another victory knots in Putin's belt after accusations that text messages he exchanged with an FBI lawyer Lisa page showed evidence of anti trump bias at the Justice Department leading up to the Russian investigation struck saying the texts were taken wholly out of context.

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What was originally said being changed I don't give a damn which you appreciate agent struck out all appreciate having an FBI agent with an unprecedented level of animus working all two major investigations you're 26 today.

Republicans seizing on this particular text exchange page asks he's not ever going to become president right. Wright struck replies no no he's not will stop it. Struck imploring members of congress to understand the context saying he wrote it because what he called trumps horrible treatment of locals are father on the campaign trail.

When I can tell you is that text in no way suggested that high quality FBI would take.

A personal recount on the influence of a father

Any action to influence the candid AG AG added on some attacks turning deeply personal how many times. Did you look so innocent into your wife's and lied to her about mister chairman and raging.

The fact that you would question whether or not that was the sort of look I would be engaged with in a family member who I have acknowledged hurting. Goes more to a discussion about your character. And actors trucks marathon ten hour public hearing FBI Miller Lisa page is set to be question acts like Philby questioned behind closed doors by congressman.

Can this and it's clear Peter's church came out fighting there in the Deluca is joining us thank you. President Trump has accused Strzok of committing "treason. Jerome Corsi negotiating plea deal with Mueller Now Playing: Trump administration releases new report on climate change Now Playing: Trump threatens to shut down the border Now Playing: Senator expresses regret as Mississippi special election nears Now Playing: Who is Mike Espy?

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Recount The movie recount is a very good representation of what happened during the election between George W. Bush and Al Gore. It dives into the legal battle between the two campaigns as the recount of Florida’s votes kept the nation waiting for over a month. But Kushner now was in a position to influence the fate of the man who had put his father behind bars.

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