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Obtaining a distinctive dance style along with an engaging stage presence, he perfectly combines the brand-new type of flexible moves with classic effort and power moves. His B-Boy name comes from his family nickname, Alilou. Born in France, but of Algerian descent, a six-year-old Ali Ramdani first discovered B-Boying on television, where he was intrigued with breakers doing power moves and headspins. His brother trained how him to moonwalk, and so the rest is history.

Bboy thesis redbull

Since the start offew b-boys have come close to matching the dominance of Victor Montalvo. Now he's looking to keep things rolling and defend his title Dec. Read more to get up to speed with one of the world's top b-boys and see some of the top battles from his incredible run.

Breaking runs in his family Growing up in Orlando, Florida, Victor was exposed to b-boying at a young age. His father started breaking in his native Mexico in the s and taught Victor and his siblings b-boy basics when he was 6. He stopped for a few years but went all-in at 11 when a cousin got heavy into b-boying and invited Victor to join.

BC One world final 外卡選手Bboy Thesis最新出爐!

He learned from the OGs Victor is a student of the original generation b-boys, those who created the moves and style he carries on today. Now that his success has brought him close to many of his idols, Victor looks to them for advice to push his breaking to the next level. I take everything, even the simple things, and make them my own.

His versatility and mindset give him an edge "I can dance, I can do all the crazy acrobatic stuff, I have style and I respect the culture," Victor said. That's what sets me apart. He keeps a healthy diet, and splits his training between hardcore drills and workouts and time spent dancing to have fun and maintain his love for b-boying.

But when he's in a battle, he's laser focused, never holding back.

Thesis on the road to China | Red Bull BC One - The World's Premier Breaking Competition

I just think about smoking [the opponent].Oct 12,  · The 14th edition of Red Bull BC One is nearing the kick-off point in Amsterdam and the 15 finalists are perfecting their flips, spins, pops, locks and so much more for what promises to be the Author: Glen Ferris.

“Winning Red Bull BC One two occasions means I’m a part of B-Boy background and i’m happy concerning this,” Lilou then pointed out of his victory. “Maybe another person may also win again, when you are the initial ones to get this done feels great.”. Oct 17,  · Since the start of , few b-boys have come close to matching the dominance of Victor Montalvo.

"Vicious" Victor has won a ridiculous five b-boy championships in that span, including the Red Bull BC One World Championship. Now he's looking to keep things rolling and defend his title Dec.

3 at the BC One World Final in Alex Herrmann. The Undisputed World B-Boy Series is a b-boy or breaking championship series established in that connects the renowned solo international b-boy competitions worldwide.

At the end of each year, since , the champions of each solo event meet in a masters event called "Undisputed Masters" and compete to establish who is the "Undisputed" champion. Nov 10,  · That’s right, the eclectically charged Amsterdam hosted this years’ Red Bull BC One, where the best B-Boys & Girls windmilled their way in a tournament style showdown akin to Author: Richard Williams.

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Bboy thesis redbull

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B-Boy Thesis to Battle in Paris | Red Bull BC One - The World's Premier Breaking Competition