Diario newspaper retorika

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Diario newspaper retorika

This initial ethnography—collaboratively researched and written by a Slovene activist—theorist and a U. In conclusion, we ask how ethnographic attention to the varieties of emergent political forms Diario newspaper retorika the current global cycle of protest might extend recent theorizing of radical politics and contribute to broader efforts to reimagine democracy.

Diario newspaper retorika

The guards insisted the space was private and barred our entry. Irfan, an activist from the Erased, the association of those who were stripped of permanent residence when Slovenia declared independence from Yugoslavia inretorted that NLB was state owned and therefore public property.

C by the American Anthropological Association. After occupying the square in front of the Stock Exchange Borzaactivists held a renaming ceremony. This open-ended slogan was still hanging over the encampment when Diario newspaper retorika article went to press in early January.

The activists who spoke at NLB understood their actions in precisely these terms; disavowing representation, they spoke of their own direct experiences of precarity, unemployment, and even poverty. Armin, a year-old Bosnian migrant and activist in the Invisible Workers of the World, described living in 22 square meters with his wife and infant daughter.

The analysis of the direct democratic initiatives—as they emerged throughout the cycle of global protest—in response to this crisis of representative democracy remains relatively indeterminate, however.

We argue, however, that it was subsequent struggles—especially those carried out in solidarity with minority and migrant activists during the s—that shaped the unusually decentralized and minoritarian direct democracy adopted in Ljubljana, which was distinct from practices developed elsewhere during Such an approach contributes to the growing anthropology of democracy Appadurai; Brown ; Creed ; Nugent ; Paley; Shore Our focus on direct democracy, which has been relatively neglected within anthropology cf.

Here, then, we offer a preliminary description of these experimental new ways of enacting democracy and reimagining the political. We begin by giving a detailed account of the texture of the democracy of direct action as experienced in the daily assemblies of Occupy Slovenia.

Diario newspaper retorika

Of particular impor- tance is the way that the democracy of direct action, with its empowerment of decentralized workshops rather than the central assembly, encourages new initiatives, even initiatives that the majority of those at the assembly might not actively support. This decision-making process ensured a space, they claimed, for action by those who belonged to marginalized minorities or held minority political positions and thereby also facilitated the dynamic expansion of the movement by encouraging participation, innovation, and initiative.

Finally, we describe the Workshop for Direct Social Work, as one example of the kinds of collective action grounded in personal experience that was facilitated by the democracy of direct action. This theme of becoming came up repeatedly around Occupy Slovenia.

Most immediately, the rapid developments surrounding the Occupy Everywhere movement demand that anthropologists write more quickly and write in, with, around, and against the news Hannerz Beyond such temporal emergence, we consider the ways that Occupy Slovenia is producing emergent forms of life Fischerand is even self-consciously engaging in a process of becoming Biehl and Locke This emphasis on becoming, furthermore, offers an opportunity to extend the ways that direct democracy and direct action have been theorized to date Day ; Graeber,; Juris ; Paris ; Shantz Biehl and Locke Before turning to a consideration of the democracy of direct action, a few words on collaboration, pronouns, and writing styles.

Andrej, a professor of political theory at the University of Ljubljana and a committed practitioner and proponent of militant politics, has been actively involved in radical activism since the IMF protests in Prague.

Over the past dozen years, he has helped to build transnational networks around Zapatismo, European social centers, and precarity as well as migrant and university struggles, and he has organized locally within antiwar, labor, squatting, and migration movements.

Indeed, we are committed to collaboration for a number of reasons, not least because it is more consonant with the antiauthoritarian politics of the movement we are describing. The activism of Occupy Slovenia that Andrej has helped develop has all the qualities of what Douglas R.Sep 21,  · El Diario, the largest newspaper in violence-riddled Ciudad Juarez, published a front-page editorial Sunday asking the cartels what it can and .

Since it is a newspaper article that ushers in the future of further regulation, it breaks the coherence principle.

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