Differential diagnosis of john nash in the film a beautiful mind

By the time he was about twelve years old he was showing great interest in carrying out scientific experiments in his room at home. Martha, his sister, seems to have been a remarkably normal child while Johnny seemed different from other children.

Differential diagnosis of john nash in the film a beautiful mind

With it comes the annual flood of biopics.

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I have recently seen two of them. Do they capture the real live person onscreen? How truthful are they to their subjects? Have the lives been distilled well into two hours? Reduction is necessary for any film contemplating a life - but has the subject's life been reduced in meaningful or meaningless ways?

Both A Beautiful Mind and Iris attempt to tell true life stories.

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Their subjects are two hard-to-pin-down academic notables who first gained notoriety in their college years. A Beautiful Mind tells the story of John Nash, a mathematician who won the Nobel prize in his golden years for a revolution in game theory that he developed in his youth.

Ron Howard gave himself a daunting task when he decided to direct this film. Though Nash's story does have a triumphant conclusion, one suitable to the temperament of this feel-good director, his life was one of darkness.

He was a troubled man, lost in his own mind and mathematical theories. He was bisexual, but married to a long-suffering woman. And most famously, he was an institutionalized shizophrenic several years before he won the Nobel prize.

Howard kicks off the film while Nash is still young and promising, and perhaps while the director could still relate to his story. Unfortunately, this is before things get interesting, and it's here where there is much exposition and obvious foreshadowing of the events which will conclude the picture two hours and some minutes later.

Nash was brilliant in his youth, but socially inept. He was gifted at the abstractions of math, but seemingly couldn't get his head around more concrete matter like dating or attending classes. Although Russell Crowe is never believable as a college student when the film begins, he is technically a strong actor, and creates a consistent persona in these scenes that last throughout the picture.

His star power and charisma go a long way in making a man with few friends and questionable social behavior into a likeable and interesting protagonist.

Differential diagnosis of john nash in the film a beautiful mind

His Nash is all bumbling and awkward, but obviously gifted and driven. Crowe has an intense focus that works exceedingly well in the portrayal of this man. As you watch Nash work out mathematical theory or break codes, you believe that he is living inside his own head.

You feel that he's lost in the mysteries of the mind and that you are shut out from what's happening behind his eyes. The film really kicks into gear when Nash lands himself a plum job in academia, finds himself breaking Communist codes for the government, meeting Alica, the girl of his dreams a fetching but unchallenged Jennifer Connelly and marrying her.

The film takes a crucial and unexpected turn about halfway into the film which will no doubt alienate some audiences but that I found compelling. Unfortunately it's the last thing that interested me.

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At about the time that the film begins to focus on and temporarily face up to Nash's illness, it loses all focus and begins to head for the land of excessive sentimentality.

Howard's sudden turn in mood here reminded me of an all too familiar feeling during the summer when Spielberg's botched A. Take one filmmaker, obviously gifted with feel-good material. Present him with dark material to stretch him.

He doesn't have the stomach for it. After Nash's gut-wrenching diagnosis, and meeting with his wife the strongest scene in the filmthe picture descends into easy platitudes about love overcoming all, and becomes a repetitive, simpleminded, and occassionally annoying film that still has one hour left to go.

Whenever a film loses you halfway through, it gives you a lot of time to focus on the other things that went wrong in its making. Why, for example, does the movie not only shy away from Nash's bisexuality, but go out of its way to point in the other direction with key scenes emphasizing Nash's sexual interest in women?

Why is Alicia Nash reduced to a caricature fantasy woman? I respect Jennifer Connelly as an actress. She was sensational in last year's Requiem for a Dream, but in this motion picture she has zero to work with. The real Alicia Nash is no doubt an interesting woman, but as presented here she's a perfect s clone.

She's smart enough to be at MIT, yet perfectly content to paint watercolors, fix her husband's ties, and act as a trophy at parties. Her other character traits:Nash, 86, who had battled schizophrenia for years, acquired celebrity through the Economics Nobel and the Oscar-winning Hollywood film A Beautiful Mind, adapted from his biography of .

The famous movie, A Beautiful Mind was based on the life of John Nash. The film depicts the genius and his struggle living with schizophrenia. The film . A Beautiful Mind; Email. Facebook. This is a story of the mystery of the mind. John Forbes Nash Jr. sat with his visitor, Professor George Mackey, on a warmer than usual May afternoon in "A Beautiful Mind" DSM Criteria Differential Diagnosis Functional Assessment Upon diagnosis, Nash received a score of His behavior was considerably influenced by his delusions and hallucinations affecting both his job and home life.

After relapsing, Nash received a score of 20, his lowest GAF. John Nash, mathematician portrayed in A Beautiful Mind, dies in taxi crash at 86 The sum of a man On Sunday John Nash basked in adulation as A Beautiful Mind, the film based on his life, collected.

Differential diagnosis of john nash in the film a beautiful mind

Running Head: DIAGNOSING JOHN NASH. Diagnosing John Nash: A Case of Schizophrenia Frank Zhou University of Toronto 1 DIAGNOSING JOHN NASH 2 In the movie A Beautiful Mind (Howard, ), we follow John Nash from his enrollment in Princeton University in to his Noble Prize award ceremony in

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