How to write a birthday wish to a special friend

Give your birthday card message a forward looking touch with one of these inspirational birthday quotes.

How to write a birthday wish to a special friend

Feel free to use these messages as they are or to modify them to fit your situation. A lot of them are funny and light-hearted. You want to let your friend know that you care about them and that you want them to have a good time.

These messages are the perfect length for a card. It was really tough to pick a gift for you because you are so choosy and picky, just like me. We are so meant to be best friends! Thanks for being a wonderful person in my life! A tear rolls down my cheek when I think of how much I miss you. We may have moved apart, but your birthday still brings back memories that make me smile, laugh, and cry.

Wishing you a very warm, loving, and happy birthday, my friend! Karma is getting to you big time, pal. Hope you like it.

The worst part of being friends with you is that The worst part is Okay, okay, I give up! There is not a single bad thing about you or our friendship. I love you dearly. Cheers from a thousand miles away, my friend. You will always be in my mind and in my heart. On your birthday today, you are going to be surrounded by good friends and a massive celebration.

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What more could you ask for? Uhh, gifts, I guess. Happy birthday, wonderful person. Happy birthday, my dear friend. Hope this day brings an everlasting smile on your face. I wish that our friendship lasts forever. Since then, I have cherished our relationship like no other.

I am getting a very warm feeling on this cold winter morning. Your birthday reminds me of how precious you are in my life. Thanks for being such a wonderful friend.

No birthday card, birthday cake, balloons, gifts, or parties can ever be enough to show you how much you mean to me. Nevertheless, I still got you all those, plus a message from the bottom of my heart: A special day calls for a special celebration for a special friend.

No matter how many troubles I face at work, I look forward to ending the day on a happy note because I get to hang out with a friend like you. Thanks for keeping the smile on my face alive. Happy birthday, mate; have a good one!

Did you know that the people with the biggest hearts usually have the grandest birthdays? Here, let me make sure that you have a fabulous day. So, where are we popping open the champagne tonight?» 40 Birthday Wishes For Special Friend start on your birthday.

how to write a birthday wish to a special friend

I wish that you would have the wisdom to do what must be done, happy birthday to you!. Birthday wishes: what to write in a birthday wake up feeling like this birthday is particularly special or Birthday to a friend I couldn.

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Special Birthday Wishes, Messages and Greetings Can't think of what to write in your friend's birthday card? I've got a variety of suggestions to help you out.
50 Best Birthday Wishes for Friend with Images - Birthday Message for Friend The best collection of happy birthday messages that you can use to write to your friend.

The sun rose today with a very special charm, the clouds cleared today with a very special intent and the trees are all swaying in unison - just to wish you a very Happy Birthday. Read more quotes and sayings about Happy Birthday To A Very Special Friend.

Cute Birthday Messages. You may want to portray how much a person means to you, but aren’t sure where to begin.

These cute birthday messages will give you a starting point: I hope you always remember to count your blessings rather than your age and your positive experiences rather than your mistakes. An amazing collection of special birthday wishes for someone special I wish you Happy Birthday from the bottom of my Happy birthday wishes for special friend.

23 Birthday Wishes for Friends & Best you as my friend. Hope your birthday is as special as you all for Friends & Best Friend - Happy Birthday My.

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