If i become a teacher essay writing in tamil

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If i become a teacher essay writing in tamil

Plot[ edit ] Prabhakar Jiiva is a Tamil teacher in a private school in west Mambalam area of Chennai, who leads a lonely life in a lodge. He is frustrated and even tries to commit suicide, in a system where knowing your mother tongue and teaching it is looked down upon by a society craving for material benefits and imbalance in pay structure.

The narration is mostly in a series of flashbacks. Prabhakar, for no fault of his, is at the receiving end, terrorized by cops and on the run after killing a railway booking clerk in a fit of rage.

He roams all around the country and joins some saadhus, high on pot and also grows his hair long and keeps a shaggy beard.

Finally he wants to exorcise the devils within and at gun point kidnaps a television anchor Yuvaan-Suang Karunaswho records his life story, where he confesses to killing 22 people in cold blood.

In the flashback he reveals his past, his upbringing by a Tamil teacher Poobaal Azhagam Perumal and his childhood sweet heart Anandhi Anjali who later in his life becomes an obsession for him.

The love between Prabhakar and Anandhi is shown in flashes when Prabhakar is narrating his story to Yuvaan-Suang.

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Prabhakar, the kid lives in a village. He develops a friendship with the neighboring girl, Anandhi. Anandhi's family relocates to another place after a few years after which Prabhakar's childhood is marred by tragic events as he loses his mother and grandparents in an accident. His father, a soldier, admits him in a boarding school and leaves.

There he bonds with Poobal after some initial mischief. Slowly, Prabhakar starts looking upon Poobal as his father. Years roll by and Prabhakar grows into a young man who develops an interest in Tamizh, his favourite teacher's subject.

After completing his 12th Grade, Prabhakar hears about the death of his beloved teacher Poobal, in an accident and travels to have one last look at him.

There he sees Anandhi, his childhood sweetheart, whose father has also died in the same accident, in an argument with another family for having one look at her father's body. Prabhakar enters into a fistfight and ensures that justice is done.

This incident nurtures the love between Prabhakar and Anandhi. They meet regularly thence. Prabhakar joins college where his preference for taking up Tamil is ridiculed by his roommate and few others.

Anandhi's mother does not object to her daughter's love for Prabhakar as she sees him as a source of financial support. At one point, she sells his motorcycle for her expenses. Prabhakar does not mind it. After a few years, Anandhi and her mother are forced to relocate to Anandhi's uncle's house in north India due to monetary difficulties.

Prabhakar initially loses contact with her but traces her back to her uncle's home.As we have seen in the United States in vibrant real time over the last several years, the media have become a battleground for the powerful to fight it out with the goal of altering public.

If i become a teacher essay writing in tamil

Teacher is an individual whom we find teaching in schools and colleges and she/he is the person who has an infinitely lasting influence on the wards. I really believe in the saying that teachers make the destinies of the children they teach and they do not know where, if at all, the influence of a teacher stops.


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