Materialized view query re write a sentence

Now look in the data dictionary to get the actual sizes of the two new materialized views.

Materialized view query re write a sentence

Which raises the question: Oracle tells you what they are. A materialized view is a database object that contains the results of a query.

Basic Query Rewrite

The FROM clause of the query can name tables, views, and other materialized views. Collectively these objects are called master tables a replication term or detail tables a data warehousing term.

This reference uses "master tables" for consistency. The databases containing the master tables are called the master databases. See that second sentence? A view contains no data itself. The tables upon which a view is based are called base tables. A view is a stored query but 'contains no data itself.

When you execute a query that matches a martieralized view query Oracle can often determined using query rewrite that the actual MV table already contains the data needed. If the MV query is just a simple query on a single table that doesn't really save much.

But an MV query can be a complex query on multiple tables and contain aggregate operators. You can also query the MV table directly. So MVs are often used as report-ready tables.Is this because I cannot use query rewrite in XE?

That is correct. *Cause: The specified feature is not enabled. *Action: Do not attempt to use this feature. use a synonym for all code that queries the MATERIALIZED VIEW; if necessary, create a backup table using CTAS, point the synonym to this backup table, drop and re-create your MATERIALIZED VIEW, point the synonym back to the MATERIALIZED VIEW, and drop your backup table (that's how we do it).

Query 4 can be rewritten by using all three materialized views to access most of the data. However, because not all the data can be obtained from these three materialized views, query rewrite also accesses the base tables to retrieve the data for customers who have credit limits between 1, and 5, and were born between and When to use Materialized Views?

Ask Question. SQL with sharding.

materialized view query re write a sentence

Cassandra is optimized for writes and you will only get happy when you're using the cassandra features. Some performance tips: If you need a better consistency: Use QUORUM, never use ALL.

And, generally, write you queries standalone. MATERIALIZED VIEW VS query with ALLOW. Simultaneouly whenever I am using a query which is same as the query used in materialized view having query rewrite enabled, the query is not using the materialized view.I found it through plan table.

Please suggest. Is it good idea to create Materialized Views on complex query?

Ask TOM "Materialized Views "

Please advice. Thanks SELECT. Oracle can do that with its materialized views like you mentioned, but only if that materialized view has query rewrite enabled and the view is not stale. But my article attempts to compares SQL Server tables (as described) to Oracle’s stale materialized views That they’re more or less equivalent.

I’ll repeat the last sentence of.

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