Movie piracy is stealing essay

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Movie piracy is stealing essay

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Movie piracy has grown enormously in the past few years making it easier than ever to find box office releases with the simple click of a button. This creates a world where it is okay to steal billions of dollars from movie producers, because most of those participating in piracy see nothing wrong with it.

Although there are consequences for downloading copyrighted content, it is nearly impossible to prosecute each user who is downloading a particular movie. Instead of relying on punishing those who are downloading the content, it is most important to make this content unavailable getting rid of this problem altogether.

Just about any internet user can easily find and download a movie within a few hours by typing its name into a search engine. With this method being more convenient and less costly than going to the movie theatre, it should not be a surprise that so many people are doing it. Most box office releases are available online within a few days or even hours of the box office release.

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This shows that movie piracy is becoming more important to internet users, and piracy will continue to grow unless something is done about the problem. With the availability of pirated movies being so great, you cannot place all the blame on those who are downloading the files, or buying the bootlegs.

The problem is those who make these files available. This means the video was directly recorded with a camera in the movie theatre. The second most common way movies are pirated is through the copying of a screener, a pre-release for promotional use VCDQuality.

Both of these ways allow access to a movie while it is still in theatres affecting box office sales dramatically. And, although many internet users do not see anything wrong with piracy, it is stealing. Piracy could be compared to walking into a video store and stealing a video rather than purchasing it.

As I have already mentioned movie piracy happens everyday and costs Hollywood billions of dollars a year.

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Aside from costing actors money, piracy is also stealing. Piracy affects many internet users destroying their moral values, enticing those to steal who never in their right mind would think of doing so. Many of those users may not see anything wrong with piracy, because the problem is so widespread.

This is why we must stop the problem before it hits home. By decreasing the number of pirated releases we can diminish piracy, and allow internet users to realize that it is wrong. Because of the many sources of piracy it will take a few steps to make a difference, but it can be done by increasing security and enforcing laws.

If these steps are taken movie piracy will no longer be a threat to anyone. The first step in diminishing piracy is to increase movie theatre security.

Since the majority of pirated movies are made available through the recording of the movie at the movie theatre, increasing movie theatre security could make this source of piracy less threatening. Someone may come in once during the movie and quickly walk the length of the theatre.

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It is probably not even possibleMovie Piracy Is Stealing. few years making it easier than ever to find box office releases with the simple click of a button.

This creates a world where it is okay to steal billions of dollars from movie producers, Stealing Essay. and/or jealousy. But does that make it right? Certainly not. Movie Piracy is Stealing In a recent survey conducted on internet users in nine countries, it was reported by the Motion Picture Association of America that twenty-four percent of internet users have downloaded a movie over the internet, and seventeen percent of those who hadn't said they expect to start within the next year (Pruitt).

Movie Piracy by definition is the illegal copying of movies for personal or commercial use. This is a new epidemic that is affecting the film industry financially on a global level. What are the necessary steps that can be taken on behalf of the film industry that can stop this illegal practice from occurring.

Here's What I Do at School: An Essay on Film Piracy Since videos have become a form of watching a movie, film piracy has slowly become a huge problem, but even more so since the internet has become more powerful.

Film piracy is also a business that doesn’t realise what kinds of people they are stealing from.

Movie piracy is stealing essay

Movie Piracy is Stealing Essay Words | 6 Pages growing number of internet users participating in movie piracy, this creates a network of users who no longer need to go the movie theatre or video store to watch a movie.

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