Muet model essay

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Muet model essay

It always impresses me how far and wide my blog has reached and how even when I do not upload as much, this blog of mine manages to reach out and help the masses. Well it is doubly impressive when a student like this ine below manages to produce a well written academic essay which warrants a high band.

I wish it were this easy to transfer my skills to students. Congrats Wong Mee Wan for your impressive attempt. However, it is unlikely that a question like this will come out though as blogging may be considered a specialist subject more relevant to urban candidates.

Students should start their own blog. Support your answer with examples. You should write at least words. In recent years, the world has witnessed a significant rise in technological advancements across all fields.

We saw science improved, mathematical questions answered, and social media flourished. The mushroom of blogs has positively correlated with the increasingly affordable price of computers and gadgets. Majority of the bloggers are students who use it for various purposes.

Despite the ongoing debate on whether students Muet model essay start their own blog, I strongly agree that starting a blog and constantly Muet model essay it helps develop critical thinking skills, creates a knowledgeable society and fortifies multiracial unity.

First and foremost, starting and updating a blog helps to stimulate a critical way of thinking. Blog acts as a platform which opens up avenues for sharing and discussing ideas.

Students are free to share their viewpoints with netizens all over the world and anyone can propose his or her ideas in the comment section below.

Consequently, a discussion will be built up and the commenters need to analyse the arguments by considering the issue from different aspects and backgrounds. For instance, the discussion on the economic issue can only come to an ideal conclusion through critical analysis of the current situation by viewing from different aspects, involving the countries, citizens and resources.

Therefore, it is crystal clear that blogging can develop a critical thinking mind, especially among the students. In addition to this, blogging plays a key role in moulding a knowledgeable society. It is a universal truth that most students in this era of globalisation where technology reigns adapt better to learning via electronic media.

Furthermore, most students spend more time browsing the Internet compared to reading books and newspapers. Hence, information and knowledge shared via blogs can reach more students than the traditional way of sharing through books. As an exemplification, students who have created mnemonics to ease the memorisation of difficult topics in the syllabus can share them via their blogs so that other students can learn it and even discuss to come up with a better idea.

As a result, the knowledge input of students who access to the blogs will be escalated dramatically to eventually mould a knowledgeable society. Moreover, blogging can enhance the unity among different races. This can develop a better sense of understanding and hence maintain the precious unity among races, which is crucial to the harmony of a multiracial country such as Malaysia.

Subsequently, students will develop a better understanding about races and unity is fortified when all sorts of misunderstandings are avoided.

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On the other hand, one may argue that blogging is time consuming and distracting for the students. This notion anchored its arguments on the common scenario that most students are very likely to get carried away when they access the Internet and eventually wasted so much time doing unbeneficial activities in the Internet.

In a nutshell, I still totally believe that students should start their own blog as this brings magnificent advantages to the students, society as well as our beloved country.

Blogging stimulates a critical way of thinking, produces an enlightened society and strengthen the unity among races. The minor drawbacks can be prevented by careful measures such as parental control.

The government through the Ministry of Education should spearhead a foolproof blueprint to instill the habit of blogging among students by providing special training and increasing incentives for the usage of technology in schools.Mar 21,  · MUET SAMPLE ESSAYS SAMP;LE ESSAYS.

Stress is a common problem among university students. Discuss. This new innovation model involves creating collaborations between those with ideas and those that can make the good ideas happen.

Muet model essay

In this essay, I will discuss three positive effects of electronic communication, namely its. Muet essay. Dey unlike longjmp, model answer because englis is the goal goldratt essay introductions a slow pace.

Suggested nov , a lot of pollution in writing service deangelo byrne from gastonia was looking for thesis for medicine referencing a college. Check out this model answer and feedback for a Band 5 MUET essay so that you can score the same grade.

Muet Speaking Model Answer. Paper 3 Reading MUET March Malaysian University English Test (MUET Paper 3) End-Year Documents Similar To MUET Argumentative Essay Topics and Points Outline. MUET Extended Writing Past-Year Questions. Uploaded by. serikotamuet. Argumentative Essay Topics and Points Outline.5/5(7).

Below is a model answer essay that scored an impressive Band 5. We’ll give feedback on each paragraph. Let’s get started! QUESTION 2: The world today is turning more to electronic communications such as the e-mail, Facebook and Short Message System (SMS).

Mar 09,  · Student's sample MUET essay. Well it is doubly impressive when a student like this ine below manages to produce a well written academic essay which warrants a high band.

I wish it were this easy to transfer my skills to students. Congrats Here's a .

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