Reasons behind miscommunication

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Reasons behind miscommunication

Reasons behind miscommunication

You've been hearing a lot about agile software development, get started with the eBook: Agile Product Development from Gang. Scrum is the most widely used, and arguably, the most abused Agile framework.

Scrum is simple in concept but can be difficult Reasons behind miscommunication do really well.

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Here are 10 common Scrum mistakes and how to avoid them: Expecting Transformation to Agile and Scrum to Be Easy All too often, someone will pick up a book on Agile or Scrum, start chopping up requirements into user stories, begin daily stand-up meetings, develop software in week sprints, and then call themselves Agile.

They will likely see some improvement in their ability to respond to change, and may even provide working software faster — for a while.

Agile transformation takes time and almost always starts out messy. Real transformation exposes existing corporate and culture problems that must be dealt with — problems such as poor communication, lack of accountability, distrust, etc.

Effective Agile transformation is often a total culture change.

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Give it time, and be ready to go through the pain and resistance to cultural changes. The Agile principles are what make the practices work well, and make them sustainable in the long run.

Using techniques without understanding why you are doing them can lead to frustration. Agile is about people, interactions, and culture, not processes, practices, and tools.

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Agile projects can be successful without the latest, coolest collaboration or lifecycle tool. Stickies on a wall, tasks in a spreadsheet, and a manually generated burn-down chart will get the job done. Spending valuable time getting a tool up and running instead of getting people working together is focusing on the wrong thing.

The Agile Manifesto places higher value on individuals and interactions than on processes and tools.

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A leader assigning tasks and dictating effort is an Agile anti-pattern. Great Agile teams are self-organizing, the Scrum Master is a servant leader, and teams learn to become better at working together and delivering greater value more efficiently by regular inspection and adaption.

Often the lesson is learned better by experience good or bad experience than by just being told what to do. Allow the Scrum team to figure things out for themselves, to make mistakes and learn from them, and to attain the satisfaction of becoming a productive team on their own.

Scrum Masters and Agile coaches guide more than they drive. It is also a root cause for low delivery velocity and not delivering high value. They need instruction, coaching, and hand-holding for the first few sprints as they learn to develop and maintain a product backlog that has enough valuable features estimated at a high level, and prioritized by business value.

Preparing the backlog well ahead of the next sprint s is a must. You never want the team to run out of work to do, and that work must be of highest value at that point in time as prioritized by the Product Owner. Being a Product Owner can be time-consuming. Set the right expectations, provide all the training, and help the Product Owner to keep the flow of value coming.

A key Agile principle is communicating face-to-face whenever possible.Poorly Made in China: An Insider's Account of the Tactics Behind China's Production Game [Paul Midler, Jonathan Toppo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Here is a list of reasons why working in Singapore is a rewarding and incredible experience both for employees and business owners. Scrum is often the most easily-abused Agile practice, because it can be seen as an easy way out.

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