Research papers on cranberries

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Research papers on cranberries

Cranberry is the first thing, which comes to mind when thinking about natural urinary tract infection UTI prevention and treatment ideas. I also read the same amount of research papers, which state the opposite.

The US National Library of Medicine has over a studies on this topic, but there is no consensus among researchers. However, the scientists agree on the following: Cranberry products could be used for UTI prevention: Researchers believe that cranberries contain substances that prevent infection-causing bacteria E.

The existing clinical trials, which support cranberry usage to prevent UTI, stress that cranberry products will not treat an existing infection. There is no easy way to tell, which cranberry product will work: There are various types of cranberry products and supplements, but the integrity including authenticity, standardization, efficacy, and safety of cranberry fruit, juices, and dietary supplements is not monitored by the FDA.

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Side-effects of cranberry when used for prolonged period of time: Participants in the studies reported problems such as gastroesophageal reflux disease GERDupset stomachs, nausea, and diarrhea. Patients might experience symptoms of bladder irritation. People who take the blood-thinning medication warfarin should avoid cranberry products because cranberries can interact with warfarin and cause excess bleeding.

People who are prone to kidney stones should avoid cranberry juice due to the salts it contains, which could promote the development of the oxalate stones.

My take on it: I used cranberry pills for three months after my last UTI. I also used probiotics to prevent UTI recurrence.

UW Fruit Program

I have not had UTIs since then for more than a year now, but I feel like this is due to a range of solutions and tactics read here about my tips to prevent UTIs naturally rather than any one particular product.

Anastasia Visotsky Myself a former chronic UTI sufferer, I write about the latest UTI related research, advocating for the mindful use of antibiotics, smart preventive tactics, and focus on human microbiota.Background. Cranberry is a native evergreen shrub that grows throughout North America.

Historically, cranberry fruits or leaves were used for bladder, stomach, and liver disorders, as well as diabetes, wounds, and other conditions.

Research papers on cranberries

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Starting at sports illustrated and economic research. Official mission magazine of potassium nitrate analysis and erectile dysfunction or. Archives and updates on cranberries . Since , the Arthritis Research Institute of America [a (c)(3) Charity] has focused % of it\\\'s efforts on osteoarthritis research.

Over 3, volunteers from Florida have participated in the longitudinal Clearwater Osteoarthritis Study. The study was designed to discover why some people develop this disease and others do.

Jun 23,  · Cranberry Study Shows Flaws In Research Papers. Some research has shown that cranberries possess molecules that can interfere with how . Cranberry Production in Wisconsin (pdf, UW-Extension) Sustainable Cranberry Production for a Vibrant Future (pdf, , UW-Extension) Overview of Organic Cranberry Production (pdf, UW-Madison CIAS) Basics of Cranberry IPM (pdf, UW-Madison) Plant Development and General Care.

Cranberries: Health benefits, nutritional content, and risks