Russian police routinely torture or abuse around half of their suspects with electroshock and asphyx

Torture in Cuba Day and night, the screams of tormented women in panic and desperation who cry for God's mercy fall upon the deaf ears of prison authorities. They are confined to narrow cells with no sunlight called "drawers" that have cement beds, a hole on the ground for their bodily needs, and are infested with a multitude of rodents, roaches, and other insects. These female prisoners lack all sort of necessary personal possessions and almost always have no water, even for bathing, often drinking this precious liquid full of insects.

Russian police routinely torture or abuse around half of their suspects with electroshock and asphyx

Russian hackers target cash before politics November 8, Just as the scandal over alleged Russian hacking of the US Democratic Party erupted in June, police in Russia were rounding up a group known as Lurk.

Czechs arrest Russian hacker sought by United States Update October 19, Czech police have arrested a Russian hacker suspected of cyberattacks in the United States, officials said on Wednesday.

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Russian police routinely torture or abuse around half of their suspects with electroshock and asphyx

Combining multiple CCTV images could help catch suspects September 21, Combining multiple poor quality CCTV images into a single, computer-enhanced composite could improve the accuracy of facial recognition systems used to identify criminal suspects, new research suggests.The investigation found four cases in which a suspect leaped or fell from police windows, usually to escape torture.

One died and two were crippled for life. Most torture victims are unable to get access to doctors or forensic experts to document their injuries. Many doctors, afraid of the police, are reluctant to examine torture victims.

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However Russian police are regularly observed practicing torture – including beatings, electric shocks, rape, asphyxiation – in interrogating arrested suspects. Torture and humiliation, or dedovshchina, are also widespread in Russian's military, according to Human Rights Watch. As there was no evidence against the 'detainees; (most have been released without charges after years of detention and abuse), the U.S.

government needed a way around U.S.

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and international laws against torture in order that the government could produce evidence via self-incrimination. Official Russian Interior Ministry statistics point to 4 million reported cases of domestic abuse in alone. That statistic does not include the likely high number of unreported cases — many women in Russia, and around the world, do not report domestic abuse because of .

U.S. FORCES TORTURE ONE THEIR OWN. MICHAEL MOSS, PENTAGON ADMITS AT LEAST CASE OF TORTURE OR ABUSE. They said the suspects were often transported around Europe on the same planes by agents whose names repeatedly came up in their investigation.

The condemned was mercifully put to death afterwards, but his torture routinely lasted for the better part of a day, witnessed by large crowds. re your article about torture and testicle crushing at Nuremberg.

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