Samenvatting auditing theory

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Samenvatting auditing theory

The local firm can adapt to customer demands in the various dimensions of the marketing mix: Ultimately, this leads to customisation. The local firm has advantages in customisation.

It knows the market, and can tailor products as necessary.

Samenvatting van de aantekeningen en hoorcollegeslides van auditing theory

Only a local Dutch firm would consider supplying pre-fabricated floating houses Proximity benefit localisation Samenvatting auditing theory This is the capability to be close to the market, to understand the customers.

That is, it is the firms ability to anticipate demand. Local firms have the advantage of proximity to supply market niches Quick Response Time benefit localisation is: This is the ability of the of the firm to respond to the customers demands.

That is, it is the firms ability to supply the market. And fewer complimentary issues to worry about Pressures for Global Integration theory of integration responsiveness: Availability of media that reaches customers in multiple markets. Result of Global integration theory of integration responsiveness A centralised system, in which firms coordinate their value-chain activities across many countries, in order to maximise efficiency, effectiveness, flexibility and learning.

A system which promotes learning, and cross-fertilisation, as well as reduction of wasteful duplication across the firms operation. Result of Local Responsiveness theory of integration responsiveness A multi-domestic firm, with some degree of local responsiveness, wherein the firm attempts to meet the specific needs of buyers in individual markets, as well as to adapt to the local competitive and regulatory environment.

According to the Theory, industries and industry segments can be broadly positioned into three types of competitive situations: Global Forces In these industries global forces dominate, and there are few advantages to push for local adaption and responsiveness. What matters is efficiency, speed, arbitrage, and learning.

These industries, and the products they supply are global. Local Forces In these industries flexibility, proximity, and quick response are determining capabilities for firms seeking long term competitive advantage. Mix Of Global and Local In these industries there is a mix of global and local forces at play, and competitiveness cannot be achieved without achieving the benefits of global integration and coordination and, at the same time, the benefits of flexibility, proximity, and quick response times.

Depending on the forces that dominate, the Integration-Responsiveness theory suggests four strategic responses: All strategic decisions are made at the HQ level. Country subsidiaries are local legal entities; the heads of the country subsidiaries have responsibility only to make country-specific alterations.

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Samenvatting auditing theory

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