Spend money wisely essay

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Spend money wisely essay

Time Riddle This is an introductory activity to be done before the time management chapter. Put students into groups to solve this riddle. You may offer a prize for the group that finds the answer first. What is the longest and yet the shortest thing in the world? The swiftest and yet the slowest, the most divisible and the most extended, The least valued and the most regretted, without which nothing can be done, Which devours everything, however small, and yet opens the life and spirit, To every object, however great?

You all have the same number of minutes in the day. How did they achieve success? They had realistic goals and worked to achieve them. Directions for My Lifetime Goals: Introduce the topic of brainstorming and use it to brainstorm lifetime goals as a classroom activity.

The rules of brainstorming are as follows: Set a goal, target or quota of items to be generated. Write down any idea that comes to mind. Do not censure yourself or others. After the brainstorming, pick out the best ideas.

If all your ideas are best, you have not given yourself the freedom to write everything that comes to mind. Use this outline for the brainstorming session: Then give about minutes for students to underline or highlight their best answers.

Ask for volunteers to share their most important goal. Challenge students to come up with 10 answers in minutes. Then give time to underline or highlight the best answers. What are some steps you can begin now to accomplish your lifetime goals?

Producing Energy

Highlight or underline the best answers. Discuss long range, intermediate and short-term goals reflected in the different questions asked above. Students can complete this last step in class or as a homework assignment. Handouts for the goal setting exercise are located at the end of the chapter in the printed text.

My Personal Philosophy A good summarizing activity is to challenge students to write a 50 word statement of their personal philosophy and share it with other students in the class. It is important to spend time thinking about what is most important since you are limited to 50 words.

Describe the process of writing this statement and share your own. Your personal philosophy is a statement about how you will live the best personal life. It is the roadmap for achieving your goals in life.

In writing your personal philosophy, think about what is most important in your life and what you believe is possible.


It can include your beliefs, values, attitudes, and hopes for the future. It is your plan for becoming the best you can be. It also includes staying healthy over a lifetime.

This statement is valuable for two reasons: It helps you to deal with changes and challenges in life and to accomplish your goals.

Spend money wisely essay

It helps you to manage your time and keep yourself moving in the right direction. Ask yourself, "Do my actions in the present moment match my personal philosophy? Here are some items to consider in thinking about your personal philosophy: Here is an example of my personal philosophy of life in 50 words: I appreciate very day the gifts I have been given, including my intelligences, good health, and family.

My purpose is to leave the world and the people in it in better condition because I have existed. I enjoy seeing the world, loving my family, challenging my potential, and facing each day with a positive attitude.

In a face to face course, students can brainstorm the components of a personal philosophy, write the statement in class 20 minutesand share their personal statements in small discussion groups or post them in the classroom.May 28,  · How to Spend Money Wisely. Do you hate it when you really need money, but your wallet is empty?

No matter how little or how much money you have, spending it wisely is a good idea; it enables you to 90%(). The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the Writing Lab at Purdue.

As a Third Ager, I recommend a 6th way to spend your money wisely. Learn about any on-going special deals at your local department store. At one large store in my community, they offer 10% off all.

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